Hydro massage = natural relaxation!

Like it or not, stress has become part of everyday life. Every weekday morning seems like a mad rush to get the kids to school, get to work on time, pick up the groceries, etc. It’s enough to forget to enjoy some quality ‘me time’. One new way to relieve stress is hydro massage - the perfect way to relax the body and mind.

Thalasso therapy centres have caught on to the benefits of hydro massage and are now offering all kinds of water-based care and massage treatment. If your hectic lifestyle is preventing you from finding the time to enjoy a course of thalasso therapy, there are now hydro massage appliances you can use at home when it suits you!

What is hydro massage?

Hydro massage is a natural water massage technique that combines the benefits of massage and the therapeutic virtues of water. Hydro massage is soothing for the whole body. It can be performed anywhere - you just need a water supply:
• hot tub or whirlpool bath
• targeted water jets
• warm water

The benefits of hydro massage

Hydro massage comes with a wide range of benefits. First, it enables you to unwind, while deeply re-energising your body with the wash and swirl of the warm water jets. Secondly, it relieves muscle aches and sore joints and has a very beneficial effect on blood flow. And, last but not least, hydro massage really helps get rid of cellulite and that unflattering orange peel skin effect.

Hydro massage in the privacy of your own home

Hydro massage is available in a variety of different forms that all have one aim in mind: to help you unwind! Nowadays, you no longer need to visit your local beauty salon to reap the full benefit. Hydro massage appliances in the privacy of your own home will allow you to enjoy hydro massage sessions when and where you want:

Foot spa, a foot basin that produces air bubbles and vibrations.
Individual hydro massage bath, a bubble bath mat that is placed inside your bath tub.
Jacuzzi, inflatable indoor or outdoor hot tub.

Whichever appliance you go for, you can now enjoy the benefits of a water massage whenever and wherever the mood takes you.