Tone up for a knockout figure - thanks to 3 anti-cellulite massage techniques!

Summertime is all about sun, sea and …. cellulite! Women everywhere are already dreading that first outing in a bikini. If the idea of baring all is just too much to bear, follow our advice on how to tone up and get rid of cellulite.
Take it from us. In the battle against cellulite, slimming cream has no effect unless combined with the best anti-cellulite treatment around: the anti-cellulite massage.

Each cellulite-ridden area of the body has its own anti-cellulite massage technique. Follow Lanaform’s advice on how to get the best results from a home anti-cellulite massage that acts directly on the fat cells responsible for that orange peel effect!

Anti-cellulite massage for the tummy area: kneading

- Grasp your flesh and make small back and forth movements with your palms as if you were kneading dough! Follow this with a few wide but sustained circular motions.
- This technique can sometimes be painful, but kneading will relax your muscles and drain the toxins that have built up in your body.

Anti-cellulite massage for the hip and buttock area: the palpating/rolling massage

- Grip the roll of flesh that is bothering you, pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and roll it under your fingers, always in a downwards movement! Repeat around ten times without releasing the pressure. This anti-cellulite massage destroys fat cells, improves circulation and tones up your body!
- Different anti-cellulite massage devices also use the palpating/rolling technique.

Anti-cellulite massage for the thigh area: tapping

- Close your fists like a boxing champion and punch away at ... your thighs! Movements must be flexible, light and completely regular.
- Do your thighs quiver at the thought of a round in the ring with your knuckles? No problem, the Lanaform Full Mass belt can reproduce these movements perfectly, toning up without leaving you KO!
Ready for your sparring round with cellulite?