Our solutions to cope with the change of season

If you have clicked on this article, you are looking for solutions for the following symptoms: "Even though I get plenty of rest, I feel permanently tired, I'm eating more than usual, I feel a bit down in the evening and anxious during the day, I have difficulty doing everyday jobs quickly," etc. Every year, we fear this change of season, yet there are solutions for countering its negative effects.

The change of season is all about light 

The change of season and rhythm disrupts our biological clock, which is based on the amount of daylight. This is because sunlight is involved in the secretion of cortisol, the "positive stress" hormone, which stimulates the energy you use to feel good during the day. Unfortunately, as winter approaches, the amount of sunshine diminishes. This phenomenon makes us more susceptible to tiredness and weakens the immune system.

Solution 1 : light therapy

We move from a light intensity (LUX) of 50,000 lux in summer to 2,000 lux in winter. Hence the recommendation is to stock up on as much light as possible. This can be natural, by carrying on with outdoor activities, or artificial, using light therapy.Such artificial light will add to the amount of light you get in a day and regulate the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

At home :

Ideally, as the season changes, exposure to a light source should be practised in the morning. This light therapy session will enable you to be full of energy as you start the new day.


At the office :

Do you feel slightly sluggish at various points in the day, making you anxious at work and preventing you from being 100% productive? Comfortably seated at your desk, make sure you schedule in a light therapy session in the middle of the day. This will give you the dynamism you need to end the day positively on a high note.

In practice :

For this treatment to be effective, exposure to a source of light should be carried out for at least 30 minutes using a lamp of 10,000 lux placed 30 centimetres from your face. It is important that your eyes are within the field of light but not looking directly at the device.

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Solution 2 : sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is essential. How much sleep you need varies from one person to another, but it is important to develop a regular sleep pattern and stick to it.

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep?

  • Have light therapy sessions in the mornings
  • Don't look at screens during the hour before you go to bed
  • Make sure you have a pillow that is adapted to your preferred position and that moves with you - a memory foam pillow
  • diffuse some essential lavender oil in your bedroom to help you relax.

Solution 3 : exercise regularly

We spoke about this in a previous article (https://lanaform.com/gb_en/blog/post/exercising-all-year-round-a-worthwhile-endeavour-for-your-general-health-that-thwarts-the-autumn-let/) - carrying on with regular exercise throughout the year has numerous physical and mental health benefits.
The exercise will motivate you to set new well-being targets, fight back against the change of season and give your body a boost!

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Solution 4 : essential oils

What would you say to a little boost provided by Mother Nature? Diffusing essential oils can really help you counter the negative effects of the change of season. It's all about choosing the type of oil you want to use.
To give yourself a boost, we suggest Niaouli or Scots pine.
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