Smart fabrics that use innovative technologies

Wearing clothes that reshape your figure, combat cellulite, reduce the orange peel effect and improve blood and lymphatic circulation - you could be forgiven for thinking it's magic. On the contrary, there's no white magic involved in the manufacturing of our smart fabrics, just a range of natural and powerful technologies.

Smart textiles combine two technologies :

1. Microcapsules based on active cosmetic agents

The textiles contain millions of microcapsules filled with active cosmetic agents. These microcapsules are attached to every fibre of the textile and are released on contact with the skin.


2. A smart fibre based on crystals of bioceramic


Smart textiles that release their powers as the body moves 

Friction breaks up these microcapsules thanks to the natural movement of the body. They then gradually release the active cosmetic agents, which penetrate and act directly within the skin. The heat produced by the body is absorbed and transformed by the bio-ceramic crystals, which, in turn, re-emit it in the form of infrared radiation, increasing the temperature of the skin and thus the rate of blood and lymphatic circulation. This encourages the body to eliminate fatty cells better.

Each smart fabric has its own special technological feature :

Smart fabric: Secret Slim

Secret Slim consists of 3D ceramic fibres that will massage your skin and increase the body temperature, improving your body's blood and lymphatic circulation. The active cosmetic agents, impregnated into the textile and consisting of marine algae, will combat the build-up of fat in the surface of the skin.

Secret Slim

Smart fabric: Cosmetex 

Cosmetex leggings have a direct effect, thanks to the microcapsules contained within their fabric that leave the skin feeling smoother and more toned. The smart fibre will have a long-term impact by reducing the orange peel look and making your skin feel more elastic, smoother and more youthful, thanks to the interaction between the skin and the ceramic crystals.

Smart fabric: Mass & Slim 

The special thing about Mass & Slim is that it contains tourmaline balls that improve and refine unsightly areas for the long term. These balls (bio-ceramic crystals) are attached to the fabric and emit infrared radiation to gently increase the local skin temperature. This technology will help the body eliminate fatty cells and combat cellulite by smoothing out 'sponginess'. From the first application, this product will have an immediate firming effect thanks to the compression of the textile.